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Well hello there!

Welcome, it’s great to have you here. If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I’m Emma.

I’m a doer of many things, multi-passionate creative, and entrepreneur, but I'm most passionate about people.

My role in this world is to inspire and empower you to live greatly.

For you to be the full expression of yourself.

For you to do what you were born to do.

For you to have the life you truly desire.

Think of me as the facilitator, your intuitive guide to making your greatest life a reality.

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Ready to start living greatly?

"Emma has a special ability it’s hard to put into words. She can release and alchemise your blocks and enable you to approach your work with more confidence and zest for what you do and who you are!"


Intuitive Coach, Moon Mentor & Soul Activator


"Emma is an incredible coach. She is highly intuitive and will put you in touch with your true self, even if that is something that is deeply buried. Her energy sessions are extremely healing and transformative. I physically feel healing taking place during each session and see changes immediately. She is extremely supportive and will go well out of her way to help you reach your highest potential. I highly recommend Emma of you want to create a deep and lasting change in your life."


Imagine your success...

Here's some client success, are you next?

Yes, totally!! I created a new business! I had been thinking about pivoting to a new area of business for a few months but didn't feel confident enough and felt I didn't have enough experience. Doing the programme helped me realise I have everything I need within me and all the qualifications I need so I got busy, set up my website and social media and got my new offer out there! I got 2 enquiries within the first 2 days, one of these was from a lady I had in mind when creating my offer so definitely some synchronicity going on there!

Emma asked some really good, challenging questions that got me thinking about whether I was valuing myself enough and to help me ensure I was on the right path. The guided meditations were really insightful and bought up loads for me to think about. Thank you, Emma!

Did you have any big wins?

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Maisie Nicholls

Transformational Therapist

& EMDR for Business


The course helped me come closer to my visions and plans and to shift obstacles standing in my way of progress. It was a wonderful weekly point of connection, alignment and empowerment.

Emma is a wonderful, committed space holder and healer. She is very confident and professional in her work. Her intuitive guidance and assistance have a lot of value and meaning. She gifts abundantly and creates a welcoming and safe space for exploration and growth.

Agata Serwotka

Holistic Therapist & Healer

Creator of Dimensions Aura Spray


I have worked with Emma under different circumstances, and always have some sort of shift or download. She has fabulous energy with good intentions.

Thank you so much, Emma, I have benefitted immensely from our connection.


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Wow this was such a unique and powerful experience. Exactly what I needed. I did not fully realise I had a wealth wound lingering which was holding me back in my business. What a super important discovery! We also worked on no longer playing “small” and stepping into my true and empowered self, with no limits. This was an immensely freeing experience. I adored our afternoon session. I have seen great change and results of abundance since. Thank you Emma!

I would whole heartedly recommend Emma’s work, no matter how successful you feel you are. There is always room for more miracles and I will most certainly be back!

Ms Young, Entrepreneur, Sussex

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Carla Collins

Affirmation Queen & Creator of Love Up


It has been incredible working with Emma. Her experience and intuition really guided me to the next steps of growth both in business and on a personal level. She is warm and supportive and was able to create space up move me into a place of expansion and self-belief.

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